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Statement Made Apparel is a fashion retailer of Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s Apparel and Accessories. We offer quality comfortable urban fashion for any occasion: from sophisticated work wear, to casual wear, dresses, sweats, jeanswear, swimwear, and pieces for special occasions. We are a brand that offers everyone quality trend-setting styles.

Our name is synonymous with all things confident and courageous. We are passionate about our brand and want our customers to love how our styles fit and make them feel when wearing it.

Statement Made Apparel markets and sells its products through its e-commerce website,, as well as on its mobile site.

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He is a Legendary Ruler who reigns mightily protecting all whom he loves. The Lion symbolizes Strength, Courage and Leadership. His powerful roar stops you and draws you into something beautiful.

When you are determined or need the courage to harness your inner strength, his wisdom will empower you to rise above all obstacles.



She is a Royal mother, ultimate partner, and the quintessential teacher of sisterhood and patience. The Lioness is the embodiment of self knowing, self acceptance, and self love.

When you are motivated to make a difference, her strength will enable you to accomplish things greater than  you’ve ever imagined.

Together the Lion and Lioness convey the message of bravery, knowing your value, and that what you desire is a divine journey where great rewards await.

Facing your fears may be the hardest thing you ever do, but once you do nothing can stop you form claiming authority of attaining that which is yours. That moment of profound clarity unleashes the power that will make you King among Kings and Queen among Queens.



Our Community Engagement Philosophy


Supporting our communities in their efforts to gain sustainable economic independence while exploring their passions

Supporting arts and culture

Volunteering in meaningful ways to support our communities

If your Charity would like to Partner with us for an Event please email us at [email protected]


Thank God, our Partners, Family, & Friends – without you all none of this would have been possible!


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